How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is raising prices for Shiba Inu in an unbelievable way

Currently, there are indications of a possible link between the global e-commerce giant and Shiba Inu. Upon completion, this will cause Shiba Inu’s prices to rise, likely to around $1. Find out more about this as well as other important SHIB updates in today’s video. Make sure to watch this video till the end guys. You sure you don’t want to miss a second. disclaimer This is a winner from yesterday’s drawing. With the proliferation of Shiba Inu in the market, the token continues to gain media attention along with endorsements from influencers and celebrities.

This was not the case a few months ago. But with Shiba Inu growing so astronomically, it’s no surprise that everyone is now crazy about the project. They say that success has many friends. Anyway, we found out yesterday that Big Boi, the famous American rapper, is also a huge fan of Token. Big Boi tweeted a photo of a barbecue and a Twitter user with ID @bartaz76 tweeted a response encouraging the rapper to buy Shiba Inu. The tweet simply said “Enjoy and buy Shiba Inu token.” Big Boi then responded by saying he’s been a longtime fan of the dog-themed token. “I uploaded it a long time ago,” Big Boi tweeted in response. For those who aren’t a fan of rap or don’t know celebrities, Big Boi, born Antwan Andre Patton, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer.

He is best known for being a member of the southern hip-hop duo Outkast along with Andre 3000. With a large following on social media, Big Boi’s open endorsement of Shiba Inu bodes well for the symbol as it will open the door to more investors. For purchase at Shiba Inu project. We are expecting more celebrity endorsements for Shiba Inu and with the latest batch of the token, this seems inevitable at the moment. Anyway, continue from it. While many celebrities are loaded onto Shiba Inu, Tesla Boss, and celebrity dad DOGE, they have revealed that he doesn’t own any of the SHIBs. However, the cryptocurrency market appears to be losing interest in what Elon Musk has to say about cryptocurrency, as SHIB prices have remarkably recovered, albeit temporarily, after what almost became a malicious tweet.

The story begins on Sunday around 5 a.m. when a certain Twitter user with the username ShibaInuHodler, possibly driven by Shiba Inu’s recent earnings, asked Elon Musk how much SHIB he had in his wallet. In typical Musk fashion, Elon Musk sent a brief answer. “Nothing,” he said, noting that he had no gray hair in his investment portfolio. He went on to explain that people should not bet the farm on cryptocurrencies and that the real value only comes from providing people with services, not money. Out of curiosity, I got some ascii hash chains called “Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge”. That’s it. As I said before, do not bet the farm on cryptocurrency! The real value is creating products and providing services to other human beings, not money in any form.

After the tweet, Shiba Inu’s prices fell by 10%. However, Shiba Inu made an impressive bounce in just hours, suggesting that Musk’s power over meme coins may be waning after all. Remember, just two weeks ago, Musk posted a tweet that caused the Shiba Inu’s price to increase by 400%. SHIB insiders have thrown up the apparent irony with a Twitter thread explaining why Shiba Inu continues to grow relentlessly. He writes: Look, I admire Mr. Elon Musk. He started with just $150 million and created much more value with his companies. Near the start of the year, help us get into the spotlight. But I don’t think he cares about the idea presented by SHIB. And that’s fine, do you know why? Because we’re past the meme and we’ve had some tough months where recovery seemed a long way off.

The team continued to build and build

And yet, I confirm that we are doing the right thing as we’ve said countless times in our wood paper and in all media. We are much more than a meme. Indeed Shiba Inu is much more than a meme and that much is obvious from all the recent updates we’ve seen. The project just had a successful NFT launch where 10,000 Shiboshis were sold off in 35 minutes. And now the Shiba Inu community looks forward to a game launch as well as the launch of its own blockchain, Shibarium. Besides, the dev team at Shiba Inu has continued to create more use cases for the token. Now, SHIB can be used to pay for goods and services, make donations, and other similar transactions using and

The token can even be used to pay salaries as well, and more use cases continue to be built. It’s obvious that the dev team has a vision for this token and they are also working hard to make it happen. Shiba Inu definitely isn’t going anywhere. In fact, with the upcoming Amazon partnership, Shiba Inu is only going to see more growth. But just before we get to Amazon, this channel has a daily giveaway of 100,000 SHIB. for a chance to participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is be subscribed to the channel, like the video, and comment #ShibaInu. Good luck! Alright, that said, we’ll get to Amazon in a second.

But first. A couple of fun stats about Shiba Inu, prepare to be blown away. SHIB Informer tweets this on Sunday. Some fun stats to share with your friends about SHIB. 1 day: +30.4% 1 month: 484.9% 3 months: +595.9% 1 year: over 49 million percent! Shiba Inu has grown insanely and experts say that Shiba Inu’s recent performance, especially after hitting a new all time high, is one of the more positive surprises of the latter half of 2021 so far. Shiba Inu has transformed through its momentum to become one of the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Now worth about $20 billion, Shiba Inu is now almost as valuable as the famous American cereal company, Kelloggs. Dogecoin, on the other hand, continues to perform abysmally, falling a staggering 65% from its May 8 all time high.

So what’s the big Amazon news?

So, five months ago, a certain Justin Taylor, the same person who started the petition for Robinhood to list Shiba Inu began a petition on, requesting Amazon to list Shiba Inu. Right now, the petition has about 55,000 signatures and is now headed toward 75,000 signatures. The proposal is quite simple. We of the Shiba Inu Community (aka The Shiba Army on social media) would seriously like Amazon to consider accepting Shiba Inu cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods and services. Amazon has changed the world many times since it was created. We humbly request that Amazon once again do so by accepting Shiba Inu. We believe that such action would be mutually beneficial for Amazon and the Shiba Inu community

Amazon will receive more business which means a higher margin of profit, and the Shiba Inu community will gain the convenience of using their cryptocurrency to conduct business with Amazon. There are other positive residual effects as well. It is a win/win scenario and creates a significant potential for growth for all involved. Jeff Bezos who is currently the world’s richest man and also the founder of Amazon is believed to have investments in cryptocurrency. However, the business tycoon has remained tight-lipped on the subject. A job ad that appeared on the internet some months ago seems to suggest, though, that Bezos is open to a possible merging of cryptocurrencies into Amazon’s operations. Like the explanation explained, accepting SHIB payment is going to be super helpful for Amazon in the long run.

Amazon is an ecommerce juggernaut with customers from all six continents of the world. This means that payment can sometimes be a cog in the wheel due to differences in currencies. Plus, there are many unbanked and underbanked people all over the world who have been alienated from Amazon since they do not have a typical bank account or any bank account at all. Crypto takes care of these issues by opening Amazon’s doors to the unbanked and underbanked. It also ensures instant payments regardless of geographical location. Shiba Inu, in particular, will make a fantastic option for Amazon as it is still low-priced and, therefore, less prone to the wild effects of volatility.

Fortunately, there exist platforms like which facilitate SHIB payments. Currently, allows you to shop from Amazon and other large eCommerce stores like Walmart and eBay with Shiba Inu. However, a direct announcement from Jeff Bezos about adopting Shiba Inu the way Elon Musk adopted Dogecoin will go a long way for the Dogecoin killer. The petition continues to gain traction and I’ll leave a link in the description so you can add your voice. If the petition gets a lot of signatures, it’s going to gain more media attention, and eventually, Amazon’s attention too.

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