Top Crypto Stocks That Could Make Us Rich

3 Best Bitcoin Stocks to Buy For Your Future

Bitcoin soared to record highs after launching a Bitcoin ETF on Wall Street for the first time, fueling demand in a sign of growing investor interest in this asset class and strong demand for products. cryptographic. So in the video, I have for you 3 of the best cryptocurrency stocks, vastly expanding your ability to benefit from this investor interest.

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#1 Bitcoin stock of the day,

Bitfarms Ltd, (Nasdaq: BITF). The stock is now priced at $ 5.22 per share with a market capitalization of $ 906.8 million. In the last five days it has fallen 3.4%, but since the beginning of the year it has risen 180% with a performance that seems to coincide with that of Bitcoin, which peaked in early May, giving up some of its gains and now he is recovering strongly. Bitfarms is a blockchain infrastructure company that operates one of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations in North America.

Bitfarms operates blockchain computing centers that support the global decentralized financial economy and provide computing power to cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin, earning fees from each network to secure and process transactions. Bitfarms, powered by clean and competitively priced hydroelectric power, operates five facilities in Quebec, Canada. Bitfarms signed contracts and began building a 210 megawatt facility, and this new facility in Argentina significantly expands global bitcoin mining production at a much lower cost. The new facility is expected to add 210 megawatts of infrastructure capacity in 2022 at a contracted rate of 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour with electricity supplied by a private power company.

CEO Emiliano Grodzki said: “Its new high-performance facility in Argentina, which is expected to accommodate more than 55,000 miners when completed, will significantly expand its capacity and global presence. Combined with expansion in Quebec, Canada and planned expansion in Paraguay, They are in a position to achieve their corporate target of 8 exahs per second by the end of 2022, this is part of their strategy to grow faster and more efficiently by mining bitcoins with better profit margins. Bitfarms too has expanded its mining operations in Quebec with 13 megawatts of hydropower Exceeded the Hashrate of 1.6 EH / s for companies This increases its capacity in Quebec from 4 MW to 17 MW and increases its hash rate by approximately 100 Petahs per second.

In the latest update for Q3 2021, its Bitcoin production increased to 1,050 BTC, 38% more than in Q2 2021, and the s total Bitcoin holdings grew to over 2,300 BTC worth around $ 100 million. And when you look at finances, there are many reasons to be excited about the BTC game. This bitcoin with a higher YoY growth of 397% and significant improvements in net income, operating income and profit margins. Explore cheaper mining sites with exciting times ahead. Then number 2 on the list is Hut 8 Mining Corp (Nasdaq: HUT). Its share price is now $ 11.2 with a market capitalization of $ 1.9 billion. Over the past five days, it is down 7.5% but is up 268% since the beginning of the year and has shown very strong momentum in share prices lately.

Hut 8 is driving the digital finance revolution and powering decentralized systems with high-performance computing. It is one of the largest digital asset miners in North America focused on innovation, supporting open systems mately 3.57 EH / s, in addition to 1600 Gigahash of cutting-edge NVIDIA GPU miners. The new fleet of miners, along with the previously announced 1.0 EH / s order from MicroBT, will be strategically deployed at the Company’s existing two sites in Alberta, as well as the third site under development with Validus Power.

Hut 8 recently provided a Production Update stating that 264 Bitcoin were mined, resulting in an average production rate of 9.11 Bitcoin per day and the total Bitcoin balance held in reserve is 4724 as of September 30, 2021. Their CEO Jaime Leverton  commented that “ they were thrilled with their current amount of Bitcoin held in reserve as well as being ahead of schedule on their commitment to the market to have over 5,000 self-mined Bitcoin by end of Q4. ” Their current capacity of deployed miners will continue to earn $ 25,000 CAD per day, ramping up to the full capacity earnings over this period, which is expected to be at $ 110,000 CAD per day, based upon current mining economics.

So some really exciting times ahead.

And next up to our number 3 bitcoin stock which is Bit Digital Inc, (Nasdaq: BTBT). It has a share price now at $ 10.32 with a market cap of $ 604mn. In the last 5 days, it is down 6.8% and ytd it is also still down 64% putting it in deep deep value territory contrary to the other peers. It had previously reached highs of $ 30 per share so could there be an opportunity get back to those highs ?? Bit Digital is one of the world’s largest publicly-listed bitcoin mining companies and Bit Digital is a sustainability-focused generator of digital assets with large-scale, global mining operations representing a currently-owned maximum hash rate of 1,920 PH / S.

They are committed to continually enhancing the sustainability of their operations and the larger bitcoin network, with the majority of their miners running on carbon-free power. Bit Digital Announced Agreements to Purchase 10,000 Antminers which are Bitcoin mining hardware from Bitmain. The announced purchases are expected to increase Bit Digital’s miner fleet hash rate by over 1.0 Exahash (“EH / s”). Their CEO Bryan stated that “By contracting for these Bitmain units, they have opened a new channel in their procurement strategy, diversifying their access to miners. And while they believe they continue to enjoy differentiated access to the miner spot market, and expect to continue their ongoing spot purchases, their deal with Bitmain is an efficient means to procure a large quantum of new miners on attractive terms.

This is key, as they believe that scale is paramount in importance in the bitcoin mining business. So some very very interesting and mindblowing prospects ahead for these stocks but only consider getting in if the price is right for you and if you fully understand the risks. This video is not financial advice, a buy or a sell recommendation, but is meant to bring some new and exciting stocks to your attention for you to do your own research .. As always I would love to hear from you, so please let me know your thoughts on these top crypto stocks

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