You Should Learn How to Trade Forex to Make Money Easily?

Forex trading, is it worth learning how to do it?

Is it worth it as a way to make money online? Or is it a scam? Is it a complete waste? Is it nothing, i.e., “Yeah, I see it there,” but as long as the truth of the matter is, “You can’t really make money from that?” Well, I will give an ambiguous answer, but I will explain why I am being a bit ambiguous in my answer. But is it worth investing in forex? Is it a correct way to make money online? Well, to answer this question, yes, but also no. I realize now that the answer probably doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but it’s one of those that depend on the type of situation. Seen as a yes or no method, we hope it makes more sense when trading forex is actually a valid way to make money online. And when that is the case, in reality, you are only asking to lose money.

So, let’s first start with the main problem and the main type of general statistic in forex trading. And that’s it, I’m going to put it on display now, and this comes from But it shows the average daily range of forex pairs, as they are called. And as you can see, it’s much less than 1%. But suppose it is only 1% to facilitate the calculations. The average pairing range in forex is 1%. I mean, over time, you’ll know how the forex, it’s all doing something like that, you know, back and forth, back and forth. And that range, as I said, to be generous, is 1%. Now actually, as you just saw, it’s less than 1%. But to make things easier, 1%. As a trader, and especially as an intraday trader, I assume you are having trouble doing more with forex. Now if you’re just looking to do a trade or invest, that’s not really what I’m talking about here. But more than that from a day trader’s perspective, we need volatility. And what is volatility? Well, volatility is the rate at which it rises and falls. And when something only rises and falls by 1%, it is now volatile, especially when it is less than 1%.

This is simply not volatile. Well, not capricious compared to what? Good question if you think about it. So here again, just as a reminder, this is forex. But then we look here and take a look at the stocks. Now if you don’t have a benchmark, or if you trade stocks, you know this will be more than valid. But when it comes to finding deals, finding stocks, assuming you know what you’re doing, can improve, well, well above 1%. You can find stocks that fluctuate four, five, six, or 7% in a single day. So in this case, I mean, you have all kinds of ups and downs, ups and downs. As I said, it’s well above 1%.

So all these great signs, you can find volatile situations out there. And of course, you can search, and then you have options to trade. This is a situation where things go sideways, which is not a bad thing with certain options trading. But again, from a volatility perspective, which is what you’re looking for as an intraday trader, options can also offer a lot. But when it comes to stocks, you can get more than 1%. Now that’s a big number. It is due to fluctuations. So I’ll refer to that as 1%. It is very difficult to make money when things do not move very often. “Well Clay, Forex offers massive leverage.”

You can only accumulate money

And yes, that’s right. Forex offers tremendous leverage, but this is a two-sided coin. The flip side is that you can quickly, quickly, poof, where did you go? It can happen very realistically because all it takes is an error. All it takes is It’s a misunderstanding. And as I said, even if I understood, it would only take one mistake maybe to break a rule or not meet the stop loss, and your account could disappear. Because of its small size, they need a lot of leverage. And this is not the way to do it Now I said yes. And the reason there is yes is that it’s not always 1%. So in those situations, you could have, well, news.

You could have some kind of big advertisement. So I don’t know, maybe it’s advertising that a country is doing something Some or some sort of random news and because some random news happens, coins start to fluctuate around the world. Global. And in those cases, yes. 1%, you’re going to run into one of these situations. It’s going to be well, well, well above 1%. And when that happens Forex is a great way to make money because there is volatility.

There are all kinds of volume and many different opportunities.

So in this kets, they can definitely start to see some more volatility. And everybody knows it’s coming, so it’s also one of those self-fulfilling prophecies where because everybody knows about the announcement, everybody’s watching, everybody’s waiting, and then things just kind of happen because again, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. So in that situation, yeah, Forex works, it’s great. But when these sort of dynamics are not occurring, it all goes back to well, things just aren’t that volatile. So it’s really a question of should I just be doing only Forex? No, you shouldn’t. Now if you wanna have Forex as one of your vehicles to make money from the online world of making money from the financial markets, fine. But I’d also encourage you to diversify your strategies. And one strategy is, well don’t only have a strategy of Forex. Make sure you’re trading stocks, maybe some other things, that way you’re never gonna have a problem finding volatility.

But I know plenty of traders, who, they love to trade stocks, but they’re also tracking these things over here. And they know that if one of those dynamics occur, well they’re gonna log into their Forex account and they’re gonna do some Forex trading. But they also understand that when these things are not going on, well then you’re gonna have that occurring. So they’re logging out of their Forex account and they’ll just wait for something like this to happen and they’ll go back to trading stocks. Now if you can only trade Forex, I know, depending on what country you live in, sometimes maybe Forex is literally the only market you have access to, then it is what it is. But you just have to be very careful. That if you think you’re gonna be making tons and tons of money every single day, now I get it, oh, I think Forex is probably the scariest and shadiest of all, some of them,

Look at me all this money I’m making from Forex

No, no, because of this stat right there. And it’s stats. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. Run a quick Google search. Do some research into the average daily range of a Forex currency pair. It is below 1%. Some great oceanfront property in Iowa I will sell you at a bargain price. It is, but just be aware of that. lity there so you have to pour in all that margin and it gets really dangerous. But, the big but, if you do have access to the stock market and options market and other financial markets, then I’m not saying to not trade Forex. I’m just saying make sure you’re trading these other things too. Don’t just throw all your eggs in the Forex basket ’cause you’re gonna cut yourself short from an opportunity perspective. 

Forex trading a valid way to make money?

Yeah, it is. It is a valid way to make money, you can do it. But it’s not gonna be the most efficient way for all the reasons just discussed. So yeah, it’s great to trade Forex. It’s very valid, but no, it’s also kind of stupid. It’s not worth it to trade Forex because the opportunities due to that volatility problem are gonna be few and far between. But if you understand this part right here, then yeah, there’s gonna be some opportunities out there. So let me know down below in the comments section, do you trade just Forex, or are you doing a combination of Forex? Maybe you have some other questions.

But I’m curious, as viewers, where do you stand in regards to Forex? I’m assuming you’re either watching it or you’re thinking about watching it, so hopefully, this opened up your eyes. But I don’t know, let me know where you’re at in your Forex journey. And if you have any questions, let me know in comment section.

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