The 10 most famous health errors

Rumors keep lingeringErrors and assumptions about health. We clear up the typical and well-known errors. The following 20 false assumptions are scrutinized, refuted and corrected, so that one no longer falls into the trap of any faith healer or hobby doctor. Do vegetarians live longer? How can you treat tinnitus? Is snoring dangerous? Does pre-tanning in the solarium protect against sunburn? Answers can be found here.

  1. Stains on fingernails mean calcium deficiency
    Not correct. The white spots that appear in the nail and grow out with it are not the result of calcium, zinc or vitamin deficiencies. Most of the time it is a question of small injuries or pressure points that arise , for example, during nail care or through air pockets in the nail plate.
  2. Carrots are good for the eyes
    Not correct. It is true that carrots provide a preform of the vitamin A important for the eyes, beta carotene. However, in normal amounts this has no effect on our vision.
    However, there is a substance that is responsible for seeing through light and dark. It consists of a protein and vitamin A. Therefore, twilight vision actually depends on vitamin A. In contrast to some developing countries, a deficiency of this vitamin rarely occurs in this country.
  3. Vegetarians live longer
    Not correct. According to some studies, vegetarians have a longer life expectancy. However, this does not have to do with giving up meat or other animal products, but with the otherwise very conscious lifestyle of vegetarians – with a balanced diet, little alcohol and cigarettes and more exercise.
  4. Alcohol warms you
    Not correct. Immediately after drinking alcohol, it actually gets warm for a short time because the alcohol gets the pulse going. However, due to the vasodilatation, which is also caused, the blood pressure drops, so that a reasonable blood flow is no longer guaranteed. The body then threatens to cool down quickly, which has exactly the opposite effect.
  5. Reading in dim light is bad for the eyes
    Not correct. Reading in low light is one thing above all else: It is tough on the eyes. They dry out and start to burn, so for the moment the eyesight is actually impaired. Driving, for example, should be avoided afterwards. However, after a recovery phase, the eyes are fully functional again.
  6. Spinach is healthy because it contains a lot of iron
    Not correct. Spinach is a valuable vegetable that stimulates muscle growth, strengthens eyesight and the respiratory tract. But it contains little more iron than chocolate . And the iron actually contained in spinach is not even easily usable.
    The myth about this particularly iron-rich vegetable has its origin in a comma error. In an iron analysis more than 100 years ago, the actual iron content of 2.9 milligrams in 100 grams of spinach was mistakenly stated as 29 milligrams. This comma error has been passed on for generations.
  7. Fresh vegetables are healthier than frozen vegetables
    Not correct. If the vegetables are not from your own garden or from a local farmer, you can assume that frozen vegetables contain more vitamins and are therefore healthier than vegetables from the supermarket.
    Because vegetables are often transported over long distances and stored for a long time. In addition, it is often harvested immature, while frozen vegetables are ripe and freshly harvested within an hour. In this state, vital substances only degrade slowly.
  8. Nothing can be done about tinnitus
    Not correct. It is important that a doctor should be consulted at the first ring in the ears or the first ring in the ears. Especially when the symptoms do not decrease after a few hours or a restful night’s sleep. If additional symptoms exist, such as loss of hearing or feelings of dizziness, a doctor should be consulted immediately.
    The earlier tinnitus is treated, the better the chances of successfully treating the tinnitus. The greatest chance is in the first three months after the onset of symptoms.
  9. Snoring is harmless
    Not correct. Snoring is a complex relationship between breathing and slackened muscles in the nose and throat. Whenever the airways are narrowed, the typical snoring noises occur. There are some anatomical prerequisites for this, such as enlarged polyps and tonsils, which intensify the effect.
    With increasing age, the muscles also relax, which also promotes snoring. People who snore sometimes have attacks of suffocation while sleeping. During these mostly unnoticed attacks of suffocation, breathing stops for up to two minutes at a time. On the other hand, snoring is harmless in the case of colds with a runny nose .
  10. Pre-tanning protects against sunburn
    Not correct. Pre-tanning on the sunbed is of no use. UVA radiation is mainly used in solariums. Although these tan the skin immediately, they do not provide adequate protection for the skin at all. Protection of the skin can only be built up using the UVB rays of the sun.

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