Optimal liver protection – plant-based protection from nature

Our liver – a silent organ that does heavy work. It provides vital proteins, protects our body from toxins, and when the going gets tough, it prefers to destroy its own cells before allowing it to affect other parts of the body. Liver diseases are often recognized too late, however, so effective liver protection is particularly important.

It is also said that “the pain in the liver is tiredness” – the liver has no internal nerve cells and cannot make itself felt in the event of overload or damage. A weak or diseased liver often makes you tired, especially after lunch and in the evening. At night, on the other hand, is the main working time of the liver, which means that many people with a non-intact liver suffer from difficulty sleeping through the night.

Some signs of liver dysfunction can also be seen on the face:
small yellowish fatty lumps around the eyes.
yellowish-brown discoloration around the mouth.
brownish rims around the eyes like after a night of drinking.
punctiform hemorrhages on the cheeks with a particularly badly damaged liver
yellowish discoloration of the whites of the eyes

Liver damage from alcohol
Alcohol in small amounts even has a positive influence on our health, but above a certain amount drunk the liver can be damaged. The first stage of alcohol-related liver damage is fatty liver, in which the influence of alcohol causes more fat droplets to be stored in the cells and destroy them over time. But that only happens after a long period of alcohol consumption. In this phase, abstinence leads to complete healing. However, if the obesity progresses, recurring liver inflammations occur, which severely damage the organ and ultimately lead to liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a serious clinical picture with considerable consequences for the organism and can be fatal.

30 to 50 percent of all liver diseases in the western world are caused by alcohol. Alcohol-related cirrhosis is the most common form of liver cirrhosis.

Additional hazards to the liver
In Germany, a lifestyle that is too lush is usually responsible for diseases of the liver. Many of us eat too fat, too sweet, and too salty. We smoke, drink alcohol and exercise too little. All of this puts a strain on the liver. But also certain drugs, mold toxins (aflatoxins) in food or additives from the food industry can overload the liver.

Therefore, the following people should pay attention to particularly good liver protection:
People who have to take medication on a permanent basis (e.g. paracetamol, amiodarone, etc.)
With frequent consumption of very fatty foods
Overweight persons diabetic People who come into frequent contact with environmental toxins (e.g. painters, workers in the chemical industry, etc.) Hepatitis patients
Alcoholics and those with regular excessive consumption of alcohol

My special tip:
Natural protection for the liver – the milk thistle
The milk thistle works like a cure for the liver: it offers active liver cell protection and makes it resistant to new attacks.
The plant, which has its origins in southern Europe and Asia Minor, bears 4-5 cm long flowers in late summer. The valuable active ingredient silymarin is only found in the fruits. Active in the liver, it protects the liver cells from attack by “free radicals”. It renders these aggressive compounds harmless and stabilizes the cell structure of the liver.
Benefits of milk thistle, they protects the liver cell membranes stimulates the regeneration of damaged liver cells normalizes liver function has an antioxidant, antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory effect
Especially in the case of damage caused by alcohol and medication, the milk thistle gently supports the recovery process.
A gentle, high-quality product made from milk thistle extract is, It protects the liver cell membranes, stimulates the regeneration of damaged liver cells, normalizes liver function and is very well tolerated.

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