Most famous health errors part 2

  1. Wet hair leads to a cold
    Not correct. At least wet hair alone is not a trigger for a cold . Only when cold viruses have settled in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat can wet hair encourage the onset of a cold because it cools the body.
    The same goes for cold feet , by the way . The blood flow to the nasal mucous membranes is reduced, so that the mucous membranes dry out – an ideal settlement place for cold viruses.
  2. Vitamin C prevents colds
    Not correct. At best, vitamin C can help you survive a cold better. However, several studies have found no evidence that increased intake of vitamin C strengthens the immune system .
  3. If you want to burn fat, you have to exercise for 30 minutes
    Not correct. The body begins burning fat a few minutes after you start exercising. Even a relaxed endurance run is sufficient for fat to be burned .
    However, it makes sense to do 30 to 45 minutes of endurance sports three to four times a week for targeted fat burning. After all, the fat burning continues for some time after exercise.
  4. One should not drink water after stone fruit
    Not correct. In the past, this warning may have been appropriate because drinking water did not have the quality that we are used to today. As a result, bacteria got into the stomach which, together with the fruit, caused fermentation processes, leading to stomach problems such as abdominal pain.
  5. Swimming is good for your back
    Not correct. Only backstroke is good for your back and posture. When you swim the breaststroke, the muscles in your spine cramp, especially when your head is above water. This is anything but healthy for the back muscles and can also overload the knee joints.
  6. Ice cold drinks are the best refreshment
    Not correct. Cold drinks ensure that energy is withdrawn from the body. For example, if cold water is drunk, the body has to warm it up to body temperature before it reaches the esophagus. The energy expended heats the body more than the cold drink can cool. That is why it is advisable to drink lukewarm drinks in summer.
  7. Wounds are supposed to heal in the air
    Not correct. Doctors have long held this view, but it has now been recognized that air tends to dry out the wound. The increased scab formation can leave scars after the injury has healed. It is better to put a plaster on the wound. Connective tissue cells can thus ensure a non-marking healing process.
  8. Eating late at night makes you fat
    Not correct. Ultimately, what counts is the amount of calories consumed during the day. If the energy balance was positive, more energy was consumed than consumed. In this case, fat would be added. A negative energy balance, on the other hand, leads to fat loss.
    Many people still don’t eat anything in the evening. The reason for this is the digestive activity. The stomach rumbles and brings so many to sleep.
  9. Cola helps against diarrhea
    Not correct. Coke is good for providing the body with fluids and minerals in the short term that it has lost due to diarrhea. At the same time, however, the caffeine in the cola stimulates the kidneys to dehydrate and thus increases the lack of fluids. In addition, carbonic acid irritates the attacked intestine.
  10. Do more sport if your muscles are sore
    Not correct. Sore muscles are the symptom of acute overload. The pain with every movement is caused by tiny tears in muscle tissue. These can even lead to localized inflammation and swelling.
    You should therefore wait until the sore muscles are over before exercising. Because then even the small muscle injuries have healed and exercise is much more fun without pain.

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