Healthy through the year

Spring,Summer, autumn and winter: every season has its characteristics and also its special dietary requirements. In winter alone, Christmas markets attract mulled wine , baked apples and gingerbread. The entire Advent season alone has many delicacies ready under the Christmas tree and in the Advent calendar. In summer, on the other hand, a cold portion of ice cream is difficult to resist. A healthy diet in spring is not only important for those people who have an athletic figure in mind for the summer days. Here, too, you can selectively eat over the months in the spring, so that you can lose weight healthily without a diet. Not to be forgotten is autumn, when the St. Martin’s goose awaits for some and the fasting month of Ramadan for others.

Healthy in summer

In summer it is often easier for usto eat healthy and balanced food. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that on days with high temperatures our body gives us very visible signs of what it needs, namely water and light, stomach-friendly food. On the other hand, summer also brings a variety of vegetables and fruits with it can have a positive effect on our health. Lots of different berries like strawberries, blackberries and raspberries  be eaten very well as a sweet dessert, taste delicious and are also healthy. Grilling is a very popular activity on warm days in summer. There are many ways to turn grilling into a healthy meal. With homemade vegetable sticks, vegetable dips and healthy sauces, a balanced diet can easily be achieved. More about healthy eating in summer as well as numerous tips on barbecuing.

Healthy in winter

Eating healthy is important all year round.But especially in winter, the body’s  defenses can be activated particularly well by eating healthy and balanced food. Even if the range of fruit and vegetables in winter is not nearly as varied as at other times of the year, it should be fresh on the table every day. Even if sweets and hearty meals are tempting, especially in winter, care should be taken to ensure that the diet remains balanced. Which nutrition is good for our body in winter? What should be considered? So that you are fit for the winter, valuable tips on nutrition in the cold season.

Healthy carnival

On the foolish days everything is upside down in many cities and often also in your own diet.The increased consumption of alcohol is particularly pronounced during Carnival. But not only alcohol can be a strain on the body at carnival, but also food with above-average fat content, such as crepe, donuts, sausages and French fries. But even on the great days you can get fit through the carnival with a few tips and tricks. How to eat healthily in the foolish time and how to prevent a hangover the day after – more about healthy eating at Carnival.

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