Health system

The health system forms the legal framework for service providers such as doctors,Clinics and pharmacies as well as payers – the health insurance companies. There are numerous points on which the opinions of patients and the health system diverge – for example on the subject of euthanasia, health reform, self-medication or numerous health errors. You can read various topics related to the German health system here.
Pharmacy and medicines

Whether nutritional advice or tips on breastfeeding an infant,the pharmacy is no longer just a point of contact for medication in recent years, but has developed into a real service point for everything to do with health. In addition to advice on taking the prescribed medication and advice on possible side effects and risks, the pharmacist deals with all aspects of health. Questions about wellbeing and health services such as measuring and weighing heart rate are preferred by many people in the pharmacy. By far not only drugs can be purchased in a pharmacy, food supplements, hygiene products and cosmetics are also part of the range. Many pharmacies also offer cosmetic treatments in their own affiliated cosmetic studio. What a pharmacy can do: Pharmacy services, advice, service and more.

Living will – respecting the will of seriously ill people

What is,if you are no longer able to have a say in a medical decision due to an accident or a serious illness? With an advance directive, also known as the patient’s will, you can express that you do not want any treatment that would artificially lengthen your life in illnesses that will lead to death. This is not about active euthanasia – this is prohibited by law in Germany. For many of those affected, however, the living will is a way of dying independently, with dignity and pain.

Health insurance
Health insurance is compulsory in Germany.Anyone who is an employee is usually insured with a statutory health insurance company. Anyone who works independently, is a civil servant or as an employee whose gross salary exceeds the current annual income limit of 49,500 euros can also become a member of a private health insurance. Since the introduction of the health fund on January 1st, 2009, there has been a statutory regulation for the collection of contributions by the statutory health insurance companies: All health insurance companies charge the same contribution. However, the costs can vary: some health insurance companies offer fewer services, others charge expensive additional contributions. More interesting facts about health insurance and health insurance in comparison here.

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