4 popular wellness rituals from around the world

Many people feel stressed in everyday life and time has become a luxury good.This makes it all the more important to treat yourself to moments of relaxation on a regular basis and to plan small breaks in everyday life. Wellness treatments are a popular way to combine relaxation with the promotion of health and beauty. We introduce you to four wellness rituals from around the world that will help you switch off again.

Sauna as a wellness classic

Numerous thermal baths and swimming pools invite you to relax with a combination of swimming and sweating . The sauna and taking a sauna are fundamental parts of Finnish culture.
Sauna is also very popular in the neighboring countries of Norway and Sweden and is used to achieve various positive effects on the body. In Germany, the sauna has long been part of the standard wellness program.

The following effects occur, among others, during a sauna session:

1.the muscles are loosened
2.the circulation and the immune system are stimulated, so that a visit to the sauna also for the prevention of colds can be used
3.after the sauna, the skin appears well supplied with blood and therefore rosy and firm
There are many different rituals for a visit to the sauna. The many possibilities of the infusions are also used to relax holistically.

Turkish bathing culture – Hammam

In Islamic culture, cleaning the body and thus the soul plays a very important role. Going to the bathhouse is a combination of body cleansing, a massage and a visit to the steam bath. Last but not least, the bathhouses are also a place of communication.
The feeling of wellness quickly emerges in a hammam: In addition to a peeling and a soap foam massage on the warm hammam stone, water showers and a session in the steam bath are also integrated into this age-old wellness treatment.
After a visit to the hammam, your own energy reserves are recharged, your head is free and the body is loosened and relaxed through the massage.

Indonesian inspirations: Bali Boreh

The traditional Balinese ritual of the Bali Boreh treatment promises wellness from head to toe. Bali Boreh consists of various wellness treatments and is wonderfully suited for throwing stress overboard.
According to centuries-old recipes, herbs and spices are mixed together for each treatment unit :
1.The ceremony begins with a well-tempered spice bath for the feet, to which two traditional drinks are served.
2.The subsequent Pijat massage, which promotes the removal of metabolic waste products, is a particular pleasure.
3.A warm herbal pack after the massage is calming and can strengthen the immune system.
4.Then the body is rubbed with a refreshing tonic.
5.Finally, a special Bali Boreh Balm is applied to the body.

Huna Mana – the clam massage from Hawaii

Huna Mana is a so-called energy massage. It achieves positive and relaxing effects for the body through a combination of traditional techniques and various massage techniques as well as the application of mussels.
While tensions in the entire body can be relieved by tapping and vibrating massage grips on the back of the body, the massage on the front of the body is carried out with flowing and calm grips.

Mussels are placed on the face and the front half of the body to generate additional energy. In addition, Hawaiian sounds and rhythms help you relax deeply.

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